The way to select a Diamond Having a Top Resale Value


A frequent complaint we hear from the diamond sector is that diamonds don’t have high resale values. It is typical for a client to purchase a diamond out of a jewelry shop, and later realize their diamond has dropped a substantial proportion of its value – often 20 percent or more from the time they choose to sell or upgrade it. So why would this occur? Are there some way to avoid a significant reduction on your own diamond investment? There are lots of variables a client can take into account to boost their diamond’s resale value before they purchase it, in addition to before they try to market it. Here are the top ways to select a diamond with the maximum resale value.

1) Buy Licensed, Economy Certified

When you get a diamond, it is essential to be certain it includes a Diamond Grading Report from a respectable diamond grading lab. The most frequently employed and well-recognized lab in the USA is that the Gemological Institute of America, or G.I.A. Well-respected labs such as the G.I.A. perform separate review and testing on every diamond they get and stipulate the stone is a particular Color, Clarity, Carat Weight, Cut, plus even more. This certification is a vital tool for your consumer if purchasing a diamond; differently they don’t have any means of ascertaining the true traits, and so value, of a diamond.

Likewise it is important to maintain the diamond certification with you to demonstrate that the shop or diamond provider you’re selling to. Without a certification, you need to depend on the sales partner’s word on the colour, clarity, etc., of the rock, and you might be given a lower cost than you wished to market for. A diamond grading report is a vital tool in determining the real worth of your diamond, and so is your very best bet for a proper resale value for the gemstone.

2) Assess the Inscriptions

Many labs, such as the G.I.A., have choices to laser inscribe the diamond certification number on the girdle of a diamond. Under a microscope, after that you can observe this certification number and readily tell the diamond suits with the diamond grading report. With no laser inscription, it can be hard for both the consumer and the merchant to find out whether the diamond suits the grading report precisely. A laser inscription is a fast and accurate means to match a diamond and its corresponding grading report.This will eliminate any uncertainty that the diamond doesn’t match the certification and will boost resale value.

Additionally, it is important to remember that a number of businesses laser inscribe their particular trademarks or logos onto the girdle of the diamond, beside the certification amount. This has a tendency to decrease resale value, because an organization will hesitate to sell a bead with a different organization’s logo on it. Your very best choice is to just buy a diamond with a diamond certification amount laser soldered on the girdle, and no additional inscriptions. Most diamond grading reports (such as the G.I.A.) will record all of inscriptions present on the rock in the base of the certificate.

3) Pick Your Diamond Shape Wisely GSI certificate

When purchasing a diamond, it is important to keep in mind that particular diamond contours are more expensive when in high demand, and they’ll eliminate value if require for this shape drops. A fantastic case in point is that the marquise diamond form. Throughout the mid and early 90’s, marquise diamonds were quite popular and were consequently more costly. Throughout the first 2000’s nevertheless, people demand for marquise diamonds dropped drastically, and thus did their resale value. Consumers who bought a marquise diamond from the first 90’s and sold it at the first 2000’s saw a huge drop from the resale value of the rock.

It is always important to purchase the diamond shape that is most attractive for you and your loved one, however if you’re open to a lot of options I’d always suggest purchasing a diamond necklace. Round diamonds (also referred to as Round Brilliant Cut) are the most popular and widely bought contour for decades, and they have relatively stable cost worth compared to other contours.

4) Shop About Online Before Purchasing

This might well be the worst mistake people make when buying their diamond. To maximize the resale value of your diamond, it is important to purchase it cheaply in the first location. When you visit a retail jewelry store, often times the rock is going to have a massive markup on it to pay the expenses of lease, workers, etc.. Purchasing a diamond on the internet may be an efficient means to compare tens of thousands of diamonds so as to come up with the very best cost, which will permit you to regain a greater proportion of your cost when it is time to market.

5) Research Similar Diamonds Before Selling

Among the best alternatives to judge your diamond resale value would be to pretend that you’re purchasing your own rock. There are lots of loose diamond hunts on the internet for example this one, which have tens of thousands of diamonds recorded and will probably have one available which is extremely like your own. Evidently, jewelry shops have their own markups on diamonds to pay for their expenses and costs, but locating a comparable diamond will provide you a rough estimate of just how much another shop can sell your bead to get. When you are aware of how much a shop can market a comparable diamond for, then you have a much better, more realistic quote available on the market cost of your gems.

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